Sunday, 11 June 2017

First Language Acquisition Stages:

  •   Cooing: (0-4 months) the baby starts producing vocal sounds.

  •   Babbling: (6-8 months) the baby produces syllables such as ‘mama’ ‘dada’

  • One –word stage: (12-18) babies start to understand and produce words such as ‘food’ ‘dog’ ‘toy’

  • Two-word stage: (18-24 months) children produce two-word combinations such as ‘doggie big’ ‘mama go’

  •  Telegraphic stage: children began producing full sentences.

It was highly useful for me to learn about these stages and to understand that the time varies according to each child. Although they may be going through a silent period, language is still being developed in their minds. My daughter almost omitted the two-word stage, I remember that she only said ‘mama milk’ and nothing else. But she became the ‘talking-queen’ during the telegraphic stage. So remember, language is not a formula, it is a very complex subconscious process going on in the child’s mind. 


  1. It's amazing how the brain works. Really nice post :)

  2. I would say that it is not, according to McLaughin's model. All we thought we knew is now under question!

  3. I agree with Chomsky's innatist theory,I believe FLA is a subconcious process and that the stages are universal although there are some exceptions. However, I totally agree with you, all we think we know is always under question!

  4. mums, it is comforting to know more about the process our kids go through!!