Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hi, again!
I want to share a class which I presented to my young students a week ago, and that it was quite engaging. The aim of it  was to prepare students to describe their own family members at the end of the unit.  In the same way, I prepared these activities taking into account that not all the student’s families are constituted in the same way (obvious but important!).
  •        Students listened the song ‘we are family’ of the Ice Age 4. I asked them if they could recognised the song. And then we connected it to the characters.
  •        I gave them a photocopy with some images and adjectives. We played a short game in which they had to say the name of each character as fast as possible. Then we wrote them on the board.
  •                  Students had to underline the adjectives that better described each character.  
  •             Then they read and justified their answers.          
  •          I explained the use of ‘she is’ ‘he is’ and ‘they are.’ 
  •       They chose adjectives and wrote full sentences.
'We Are Family' Ace Age 4



Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Instructional sequence of a task

Step 1:
Watch the trailer of the movie ‘The Circle’ and say what the theme is. Work in pairs.
Step 2:
Watch an interview with the director and actors. Match each name to the corresponding opinion about the film.
Step 3:
Read a short review about the movie. Underline words, sentences or phrases which express the writer's opinion
Step 4:
 Watch the interview once more and pay attention to word stress, tone and body language. 
Step 5:
Write a review of the film and read it aloud. Work in groups.
Step 6:
Each group choses a movie and makes a review of it. Finally students share their works with the rest of the class.

'The Circle' trailer:

Pedagogical task

Role play:
You are trying to get your driver license. Follow your classmates instructions in order to get it.
Exchanging goods and services.
Following instructions.
Simple Present tenses, imperatives, negatives.

After Reading the book ‘Can I Play Too’ play the role of the characters as you imagine them. Then compare the performance with the book’s pictures
    Peer interaction
Verb to be, simple present, modals.